I love Bangkok. Of all the cities I've travelled to and spent time in, my heart goes pitter patter reuniting with Bangkok's heavy humidity. Having packed and re-packed so many times in my head, I knew every available space in my bags.

Flying into BKK. The night was so clear that you could see Bagdad. I, of course, missed it. I was seated at the window, but over the wing. Realizing this, I saw every other major city and freckles of light through India. As we entered Burma all went dark and I knew we had arrived once the wall of humid air wrapped itself around me. Arriving into my hotel room, 44 floors above Bangkok I was reminded of Asian simplicity- orchids everywhere, fresh fruit in a platter and beautiful pillows of Thai silk gracing a low lying bed. Leaving home to place like this is so easy. With no time to waste, I'm off to the tailor. The heat, the stores, street food, vacant buildings, it's all coming back. Once I make my way back to the hotel, I've settled in.

Meetings complete. Sandals off and flip flops on. I return to the tailor for a fitting and one pair of slacks are ready. I wander along the street and get some food. No idea what it is, but it's good. The Chicken Satay is even better. I wander back via the Sky Train to Sala deung and find some more street food. This time it's like half dollar size softshell crab. Hand gestures land me a bag of crabs with spicy sauce- true Thai food for me. I'm in heaven. As I'm eating my crabs I count eight massage spots as I wander along some street vendors spotting a fellow selling sandals. My hands are sticky with the hot sauce so my bargaining is not fine tuned. I leave with sandals and sticky hands. Foot reflexology is next on my list. Incense and candles are lit and asian music fills my room. I gaze over Bangkok. It's happening, a slow release from what I left. Kamissoko is the strongest image and pull. I think about tomorrow, all I know is that I start the day at Chatuchak market and the tailor at 18.00.

 |  Silverware * Silk blankets * pillow cases  |  I have no idea where I am and what I'm eating, but I'm loving it.  |  print scarf * raw silk scarf * wood hanger * girl's bag  |  I've been here four hours. If my bag weren't so heavy I could continue.  |  small scarves  |  A small Thai girl walking with her mother wears a t-shirt that reads "Fuck off Wanker". An even smaller Thai girl catches my attention as I hear her call "daddy", in her hand is a bright pink plastic cage with handles. Inside the cage is a white kitten.  |  sandals  |  Calamari and other food on a skewer. So many of them grilled and ready to be bought. Small and round. I stop for a calamari, which I know due to the tentacles. Next to me is a crowd of teenagers around a stall. I look into it and there are hundreds of baby mice, alive. I glance back at the food stall where I bought my calamari and wonder what the other items are, and realize I've entered the pet area of the market. Walking further in the pet area I see beetlesm little roasted birds, a boy is cracking very small eggs in to poaching dishes. I look ahead and see little puppies, goldens, and think about Kamissoko. And what could have been the food chain for the skewered foods.  |  spices  |  full Thai massage * Yellow curry paste | 

Sunday morning out early. Back to Chatuchak. Morning vendors cooking breakfast foods.  |  book * pillows * candles with scent * paper * bookmarks * little frogs * curry pastes * tea  |  A ride along the Klong. First plan didn't work out, Get's friend never showed up. Had a brilliant lunch along the Klong instead. One boat came along looking to sell food. Went to the best floating market of all. All vendors have you taste before you buy, or just have you taste if you're not going to buy. Off to Vietnam...


© 2005 MW Sears