Two years and much work later (thank you Mother) we sat in the Ulanbaatar Hotel sipping on scotch collected from Duty Free, until later when we discovered Mongolian wodka. Some arrived by way of Ulaan Ude, and others met in Beijing for a 3:40 AM flight into 'U-B'. The magic lie in the blend of exploring a remote location and our shared history. Of the group, if you didn't raise one of us then you've known us long enough to hold a special spot in our lives. In regards to that special group, 45+ years of a friendship, families growing up together and fellow travel companions of many many years. For my mother and I, it was another one of our memorable trips. We missed both my father and soon-to-be husband Gary, but knew Kamissoko and Chorten would keep them company.

Late September is the early winter season. Mid- winter temperatures hover around -30 for a couple of months. A condition of life for Mongolian's and their livestock. We lucked out with warmer than usual temperatures. Late September is also the annual Golden Eagle Festival in Bayan Olgii, on the border of Kazakhstan. Eagle hunters travels days to attend and showcase their skills, and our reason for choosing this time of year. They're nomads, moving their animals, family and Gers with the change of season. This video captures not only Outer Mongolia, but the Gobi, the Flaming Cliffs, 'UB' and more.....

A taste of Mongolia

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