Here's the Laura Dee. She's a Marshall Sanderling, designed for the waters of Buzzards Bay.

Her name comes from my grandmothers. Laura- my mother's mother, was known for her antics in her later years. She hitchhiked to church, after having given her car to me and my boyfriend on a given Sunday. Hardly an antic, she started my driving lessons at age 13. There were sightings of her jogging along the beach at age 83. Dee Dee- my father's mother, was a classy lady. A talented artist, national flower judge and wonderful hostess. She had hats, outfits- some of which she had sewn, and matching accessories for all occasions. Dee Dee introduce me to ladies' gambling. Sunday afternoons on the back porch with her friend Alice, with proceeds paying for ribs and onion rings from Bobby Rubinos

At times the LauraDee has a mind of her own, which is attributed to Laura. The early days frequented the sand bars on the Westport river quite often. Dee Dee seems to be at the helm these days. Take a trip on the LauraDee, and pack for an adventure...


© 2002 MW Sears